How to Use the ProSeed® Snack Cup

The ProSeed® Cup is a great option for those who are looking for a snack storage cup that they can take with them while they travel. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to fit into your bag or pocket, so you can always have your favorite snacks with you wherever you go. Plus, the secure lid helps to prevent any messes from happening while you’re out and about.

The ProSeed Cup with sunflower seeds inside and a blue lid

Step 1: Fill the ProSeed

Remove the dome lid from the cup and fill the outer ring with fresh seeds. Once the cup is full, just put the lid back on.

🌻 Your ProSeed is ready for use! 🌻

The ProSeed sunflower seed snack cup pouring out seeds.

Step 2: Pour the Seeds

The side cap allows for fresh seeds to spill into your hand (or directly into your mouth). Be sure that the top cap is closed to prevent used shells from spilling out with the fresh seeds.

Someone putting shells inside the ProSeed sunflower seed snack cup

Step 3: Place the Shells

Open the top cap and place (or spit) used shells in through the middle hole.

Emptying shells from the bottom of The ProSeed sunflower seed snack cup

Step 4: Empty the ProSeed

Empty shells will eventually fill the inner cone. To empty, just pull out the bottom plug over a trash can.

It is recommended to empty after each use and hand-wash the ProSeed often to prevent molding.