Snack Like a Pro: ProSeed® Sunflower Seed Cup in 4 Simple Steps!

🌻 Step 1: Fill the Outer Ring with Seeds

🌻 Step 2: Pour Fresh Seeds from the Side Cap

🌻 Step 3: Drop Shells into the Top Cap

🌻 Step 4: Remove Yellow Plug to Empty!🗑️

Don't let this happened to you!

A ProSeed® Sunflower Seed Cup will eliminate this problem from happening again.

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ProSeed® Sunflower Seed Cups

🌻 Wherever life takes you, keep it clean with ProSeed 🌻

Pistachios in the shells


Yes! Pistachios will fit in the ProSeed cup.

ProSeed® Cup has a place for the seeds AND the shells all together in one handy cup.

Are you a fan of snacking on sunflower seeds? If so, the ProSeed® cup is the perfect snack companion for you! This patented design features a reusable plastic cup that allows you to easily fill it with your favorite sunflower seeds. You can open the side cap to pour the seeds into your hand for easy snacking, and the top cap is perfect for temporarily storing the empty shells until it’s time to dispose of them. 

  • Sunflower seeds next to a large sunflower blossom

    🌻Make Snacking Easier

    No more awkward bag of sunflower

    seeds to fumble with. Once the bag

    is open, seeds have the risk

    of flying everywhere.

    What a mess!

    Enjoying your snack? What do you

    do with the shells? A cup can easily

    tip over. With a ProSeed cup,

    you can also store the used shells.



    ProSeed has a place for the seeds

    AND the shells all together

    in one handy cup.

    With a ProSeed, snacking

    on-the-go is simple.

  • A man in a pickup truck using ProSeed snack cups

    🌻Convenient for Travel

    ProSeed fits in most standard

    cup holders so it will always

    be within your reach.

    You can keep your eyes on the road.

    Just fill the outer compartment with

    your favorite flavor of seeds then

    you're ready for a ride.


    Just be sure t the empty shells

    by pulling out the yellow plug over

    a trash can before you leave.


    To prevent molding,

    it is best to empty used shells

    after each use. Washing often is

    also recommended.

  • A helmet and baseball glove at a baseball field.

    🌻Perfect for Games

    Once an unsightly mess, you can

    now keep your area clean

    at the ballpark.

    With ProSeed, you can



    Shells left behind in stadiums and

    on fields create unnecessary

    clean-up for sporting facilities.

    Every day, more ballfields of all sizes

    are restricting the use of seeds because

    of the mess they create.

    Not any longer.

    Bring seeds back to the game

    with a ProSeed.

Several pieces of a ProSeed cup on a black background

Break it Down

The Cup: The cup of the ProSeed includes an outer ring for storing fresh seeds and an interior cone compartment to house empty shells until the user can dispose them neatly into an appropriate waste container. The inner cone raised above the top of the cup also aids in easy filling of fresh seeds into the outer ring. This creates a barrier to keep fresh seeds falling into the disposal cone. Just place your hand at the top of the cup and pour seeds between it and the wall of the inner cone.

The Lid: The lid contains two flip top caps held with straps. The side hole allows user to pour fresh seeds into their hand, or directly into their mouth. Users remove the middle cap to place (or spit) the empty shells. Only one cap should be open at a time to prevent spillage. We do not recommend carrying the ProSeed by the straps.

The Plug: The ProSeed has a yellow plug at the bottom of the cup that pops out to allow users to dispose of the empty shells into an appropriate waste container.

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Warning: Product could contain small parts. Not recommended for young children.

Choking Hazard: Sunflower seeds could pose a choking hazard for infants/toddlers.

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